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Automate your Business Marketing

eyezTech 360 Marketing Automation


 Use the 360 Marketing Automation Manager


eyez360 is an all-in-one marketing automation solution enables you to build personally targeted campaigns in minutes. Save time and increase effectiveness through automated communication flows. Reach each customer and lead with messages that appeal to their personal needs and build stronger, more loyal relationships.


Discover what each of your customers is interested in with detailed tracking and automated segmentation.


Organize complex lead nurturing campaigns to turn hot leads into loyal customers and bring in new revenue.


Communicate on over 15 channels of communication through a single easy-to-use automation solution.

Application Features

That help you Discover, Organize, and Communicate with your customers!

Personal Targeting

Build contact profiles and gain valuable insights with form, landing page and website analytics. Every action that a contact takes is tracked and recorded, enabling you to connect with each lead and customer through personalized messages based on their needs and interests. Personally targeted messages increase interaction and conversion.

Lead Nurturing

Guide prospects from first point of contact to sale with personally targeted lead nurturing programs. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is identifying qualified leads and turning them into customers. Marketing automation helps you find the hottest leads and appeal to their needs so they will convert.

Personal Profiles

Send contacts the right content at the right time via their preferred mode of communication. Automatically collect and store information from each contact in their personal profile. You can use this information to connect with contacts in the way that is most convenient and effective for them. This builds loyalty and increases engagement.

API Connection

Trigger automated campaigns via your own system with our easy-to-use API. Once you connect the systems, all information that is stored in your system can be used to personally target messages and campaigns. This saves you hours of time each day and simplifies your marketing process while increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

A/B Split Testing

A/B split test different strategies and view full reports to optimize your content. See exactly how contacts are interacting with your campaigns and learn when the most effective times are to send. Fully detailed reports are provided with graphs and statistics so you can learn more about your campaign results. This enables you to improve future campaigns to boost effectiveness.

Even More Features

Easy to use Editor

Easy Multiple Integration

Starting Points

Lead Nurturing

Time Filters

Decision Based Sending

Third Party CRM Integration

Time Delays

Multiuser Accounts

Automate your business with eyez360 Today!