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Modern Engagement solution using wireless beacon technology

What is eyezBeacon?

With the rise in the adoption of mobile devices, there has been a shift in the way customers want to connect and interact with their favorite restaurants. They expect brands to creatively use technology and harness on the data gathered from their previous interactions to engage with them in a contextual manner.

Being the one device that customers view the most, mobile gives you the ability to fine-tune your messages, and ensure that your target audience can relate to it at that specific location. For example, with beacon, you can automatically push notifications with an enticing offer on your customer’s favorite dish when he/she happens to walk by your restaurant. Thus, it is highly likely that integrating beacons with your marketing efforts could result in quicker conversions and greater loyalty.

Reduce wait time by offering ‘order-ahead’ feature:

Let your customers order-ahead this will help your restaurant increase average order value by cutting down on waiting time. We can install long-range beacon to send alerts to the staff in the kitchen once a customer who had ordered ahead is within a certain distance from your location. This also helps you ensure that your staff has the meal prepared on time.

Marketing Messaging

How valuable is it to be able to reach your customers as they are walking by? Use Beacons to be able to identify potential customers who are nearby, and send them a quick notification for a free drink with their next order!

Secret or Exclusive Menu Options

Every restaurant owner loves a customer who is loyal and beacons make it easy to reward them. Create a special menu item or a secret menu that only your loyal customers have access to. When they enter your establishment, they will be notified via push notification of everything available to them

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