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Mobile Coupons & Vouchers Draw Customers like Magnets

Join the Smart Marketers who have discovered Mobile Marketing with coupons!

Why Mobile Marketing?

Smartphones are important in our daily life and they have an increasing influence on our shopping habits. They are always on, always with us and always connected. The smartphone is becoming the ultimate shopping companion for smarter shoppers.

To engage with mobile consumers, you have to mobilize your marketing. Mobile engagement with mobile coupons and mobile vouchers gives new and important opportunities for businesses!

Why eyezCoupon?

eyezCoupon is the most powerful mobile coupon & voucher builder and distributor on the market. eyezCoupon is your one-stop solution for mobile couponing! Our mobile coupon platform manages digital coupon creation, digital voucher creation, distribution, user engagement & interaction, validation, data capture and statistics to increase sales and grow your business.

Add Fun and Gamification

Consumers like to be entertained and they enjoy scratch & win campaigns because it brings fun and suspense.

Watch a video

Require your customers to watch a video first to obtain the discount. When the video ends, the claimed coupon opens in their phones web browser.

Share on Facebook

Require customers to share on Facebook to obtain the offer. This will create the possibility for viral marketing for your coupon.

Advance Features

Install an app

Require customers to install an app to obtain the discount. After the install clients can proceed with the coupon. You can specify the apps for iOS, Android or Windows smartphones.

Data capture

Require customers to enter data before claiming the offer. You can specify which input fields should be filled in. All data is stored in the database for remarketing and analysis.

Social login

Require a social login from your customers.

Benefits for Consumers

Mobile coupons are very convenient, increasingly popular and here to stay. Mobile coupons are received and stored in consumers smartphones which are always at hand. Forgetting to take your received printed coupons with you when shopping is a thing of the past. Consumers can receive and claim offers instantly with mobile coupons from eyezCoupon.

Benefits for Businesses

Mobile coupons target smartphones which are used by billions of people. Smartphones have a unique spot in consumers lives: they are always near at hand. As a business owner, you shouldn’t miss out on important opportunities to target mobile consumers through their smartphones. eyezCoupon is your ideal business partner for this endeavor.

eyezCoupon offers the most advanced coupon and platform features on the market. Our broad range of advanced features allows you to get the most out of mobile marketing and ultimately generate more revenue for your business.

Revenue generation

eyezCoupon is a proven revenue generator. Follow in the footsteps of the companies that have used eyezCoupon successfully to generate revenue

Collect valuable information

eyezCoupon is a great tool for collecting lots of valuable information in a manageable way.Gather, conduct and export validation data, personal customer information, data per location, online surveys and many other items.

Many possibilities, many solutions

The many possibilities of eyezCoupon result in countless business solutions for mobile marketing. Ad eyezCoupon to your marketing to strengthen or freshen up your business model.

Get your eyezCoupon System Today!