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Interactive menu tablet app for restraurants, hotels and much more.

Appetizing Food & Beverage Visuals on

Your Restaurant Tablet Menu!

Impress customers with mouth-watering videos, pictures and product information displayed on eyezMenu Tablets!


eyezMenu Tablet Is Not Just A Restaurant Tablet Menu!

Improve Customer Satisfaction!

Create an engaging customer experience

Enhance Profitability

Promote your products with eyezMenu Tablet and increase sales

Reduce Cost!

Get rid of old paper menus

Low maintenance cost!

No more reprinting required as menu items change!


Sell More with Cross-Selling!

Automatically recommend a complementary product to the one you are already selling.

Brand Your Tablet Menus!

Customize the look and feel of your tablet menu theme by adding text and background colors, logo and background images.


Instantly Get Customer Feedback!

Create customer satisfaction forms and collect their feedback to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Unlimited Category & Item Adding’s!

Add as many food, beverage and wine product categories and items as you want

Ingredients warnings!

Add ingredients containing or not containing each product

Simple navigation!

It's super easy to navigate across your tablet menu. Take your guests while they see your products

Create multiple menus!

Easily create menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and beverages on your tablets; Add new items or remove old ones

Manage Menus Comfortably!

Instantly facilitate and update food items and their descriptions, pictures, and prices. Also, create menu categories and subcategories

Menu Management Through Cloud-Based Control Panel!

Through control panel, you can control and manage your tablet menus anywhere and anytime. All you need is an internet connection.


Item Screen Options

Image and video display

Multiple prices

 Calories and preparation time

Detailed information about the product


Social Sharing

Allergens Notices

Prepare multilingual menus!

Change the menus between 14 languages in just one second. Control panels are also available in different languages

Set Custom Ordering System!

Allow customers to order quickly via eyezMenu Tablet


Increase sales by promoting the best combination of items.

Promote Special!

Set up and promptly sell your selected food and drink specials

Menu Redesign For Special Days!

Create special menus for special days like new year’s day

Social Share!

Let your customers share and promote your dishes on social

Our system keeps all your data in the cloud which never disappears.


Get your Interactive Menu Tablets Today!