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A comprehensive restaurant POS system

Our cloud-based POS system will help you manage staff, serve customers and monitor performance, so you can ensure your guests get the best.

Adjustable Menu and Floor Plan!

With a user-friendly floor management system, combining tables or moving them around is as simple as tap and drag. Create and edit your menu online in minutes, with our easy-to-use interface. Adjustable menu and floor plan Present menu items complete with photos, descriptions, and prices Access your cloud-based menu anytime, anywhere Make quick updates to your floor plan

Ordering and Payments

eyezPOS offers simplified tableside ordering, so you can improve service and get customers their orders faster.

Tableside orders are sent directly to the kitchen or bar

No need for staff to wait for an open terminal

Eliminate ordering mistakes

Cut down on the time it takes for customers to get their orders

Split or combine bills

Offer flexible payment options

Data Accessibility!

Whether you want the big picture or prefer to hone in on data at a granular level, the reporting engine provides the type of breakdown you need instantaneously. Our POS is cloud-based, pulling reliable and accurate reports regardless of the device you use.

Get a clear view of how individual staff members are performing

Plan for peak periods

Generate end-of-day reports

Schedule staff

Access real-time reports on any device

User Permission

Take charge of your business with user permissions.

Create individual user accounts

Set restrictions based on staff roles and responsibilities

Ensure the right people have access to what they need

Reporting & Analytics!

See today’s numbers or take a look at the past year with dashboards that make it easy to see sales, profits, and changes over time. Use variables and filters to understand what’s happening across all store locations.

See the performance of products and individual restaurant

Identify opportunities for growth and business improvement

Learn which employees are your top performers

Better understand your customers’ ordering habits

Inventory Management

Whether you sell product bundles, serialized merchandise or items that require multiple variations, your POS system helps you keep stock moving and gives customers what they’re asking for.

Use one master order to combine purchasing,

Transferring and ordering from multiple vendors

Create special orders to meet individual customer needs

Track unit costs, inventory levels, and SKUs across multiple locations

Multi-platform POS!

Manage your store or process sales with a POS that works on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Add an iPad, wireless cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer to stay connected and process sales anywhere you are

Offer on-the-spot secure transactions

Access product information without leaving your customer’s side

Reduce long lines and wait times

Get new employees up and running faster

No need to buy new computers or hardware


Manually importing and exporting your accounting data is time-consuming, and with all the back and forth, errors can easily happen.

Integrate your POS with QuickBooks, Xero or Sage One

Have your sales data posted automatically from your POS to your accounting software

Synchronize your payment and sales tax information

Cut down on time spent managing accounting data across all locations

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