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Attract More Customers to your Cafe using Free-WiFi!

eyezWifi is an easy solution for small businesses to create a more powerful Wi-Fi network that does so much more than simply connect guests to the internet. It also keeps them informed, engaged and coming back to your Cafe


eyezWifi helps Cafes drive more repeat visits using Free Wi-Fi. eyezWi-Fi marketing platform enables Cafes to transform their regular Wi-Fi network into a powerful marketing asset, with three main functionalities:

Social-Powered Wi-Fi=  An easy way to collect email and contact information!

In-Store Analytics= Learn more about your customers and their behavior!

Campaigns and Coupons= Automate emails to retain and reward customers!

Students and the faculty of the local university consider the café to be a great alternative to the library, as a quiet place to use the Internet, get a coffee and study. Cafes have realized the potential of turning their free Wifi guest into an effective marketing automation tool and have begun reaping the rewards.

Build email lists and increase social engagement on autopilot. You can build a quality email list by giving clients access to your Wi-Fi network. With eyezWi-Fi sample screens asking guests to like, follow or login with their email, users can have access to Free Wi-Fi. This creates an opportunity for you to build an email or contact list and engage more users across social networks. This is autopilot marketing with brand loyalty experiences at its best


Provide your customer hassle-free WiFi:


Better email marketing database:


Start pushing loyalty and referral incentives:


Make your customers coming back through automated emailing:


Make your customer promote your business through social media sharing


Grow your email and phone list

Quickly and easily export your captured data to use on any email platform of your choice:



Get more followers, likes, and mentions on social media.


Save time on marketing

Use built-in email marketing tools to easily attract your customers back to your venue


More money in the bank

people, visiting more often, spending more money



Delight your guests with smart wireless charging.  Drive foot traffic and increase customer  loyalty by  providing your customers with simple and convenient access to power.  eyezRecharge  helps  you  to  deliver  targeted promotions  and  meaningful loyalty  programs  to  generate  even  larger returns on your wireless charging investment



The most effective promotions are targeted and delivered at the right time.eyezRecharge helps you get the most out of your promotions by engaging your customers when they are in-store and already paying attention to you.There’s nothing better than getting a promotion for a Salon item right away when you want it!

Get your Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspot Today!