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Connect with your guests before, during and after their stay

eyezTech platform connects guests with all your hotel and local information, plus every service request. From spa bookings and in-room dining to pool-side ordering and concierge requests, provide more ways to engage your always-connected guest and deliver a better ‘stay’ experience

Why eyezTab?

Personal guest in-room tablets provide more hospitality, unburden service staff, boost cross-selling and increase profit. A new chance for hotels to maximize their service level and guest experience.

A user-friendly interactive app interface combines media delivery and service functionality including guest directory, news, weather, room service, virtual concierge, in-house shopping, partner shopping and social media.

Virtual guest directories and digital guides for hotels and visitor centers.

Managed tablets with personalized apps and contents for guests and visitors can be produced with little effort in short time. The eyezTab solution presents different contents and modules unified in one attractive user interface that automatically adapts to the user's needs.

Information and services in one app

Contents and applications from different sources and in different formats are simply dragged into the eyeztab software and appear automatically in the interactive touch app interface. The design is composed out of individually configured standard modules and own corporate design elements.

Personalization and management

Visitor devices and personal tablets can be simply adapted to the needs of different groups or individuals by cascaded filtering. All devices, presentations, and filters are managed with the eyezTab Manager, the web-based administration BackOffice of all eyezTab solutions.<br />


Powerful Up-selling Tool

In fact, hotels that currently have eyezTab have reported a 41% increase in room service revenue per occupied room. This is largely because you can tailor an app to make suggestions after a guest selects a menu option. For example, the guest wants to order burger, after putting the burger in their cart they’ll see a suggestion to add seasonal fruits or a Pepsi to that order.

Translations Have a large international guest base

Translation issues disappear when the guests are using the app. Guests can select their native language, and proceed to review all information in that custom language. For example, the guest can change the language setting to Spanish, and on the back-end, the request still comes through in English. This removes a language barrier and provides an easy communication tool with International Guests.

eyezTab Saves You Money, Less labor, less printing

Throw out the directory. Go gloriously green, unclutter the desk, and get rid of all the paper! Imagine, never having to print another directory or room service menu again, with the ability to make instant information updates.

Get personal with your guests

Communicate with guests like never. Silent, discrete messaging, instant chat, push offers and promotions. Inform guests of special time limited deals and send them personal messages.

No More Paper Go digital.

Tablets also offer other entertainment alternatives, such as the consolidation of printed materials such as magazines, newspapers, and books. It’s a great way to have plenty of reading materials available to guests that can be quickly and immediately changed to keep offerings fresh

Transform your Guest Experience Today!