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All-in One Solution for Restaurant


Improve your Guest Experience & Increase revenue 

Social WiFI, Punch Cards, QR Codes, Tablet Menus and much more

In today’s competitive restaurant’s landscape, every restaurant is striving hard to have a competitive advantage over its competitors in relevant industries to keep winning all the time with the primary focus on flawless service delivery and unparalleled customer services.

We researched into the Restaurants industry and studied the consumer’s behavior and order pattern; We noticed customers want to have a digital feel of your restaurants offering. The Tablet digital menu apps are very important – it is the #1 sales tool!

This makes sense as it is what customers are reviewing to determine their selections, and ultimately what they will buy. When you understand that the menu is the #1 sales tool for the restaurant, you look at it differently and realize that so much is riding on the menu. You should treat your menu like gold, as what is contained on it is your source of revenue.


Dining at customer’s fingertips: Diners have everything they need to know without flagging down a server. Whether you want a simple digital menu, or allow guests to send their orders straight to the kitchen, customers can have more autonomy over their dining experience.

Enhance customer’s dining experience

Share key information across all devices in an instant<br />Menu Videos Photos and descriptions Bespoke modifiers and filters Specials and seasonal pricing<br />• Dietary information<br />• Chef recommendations<br />• Loyalty offers<br />

Turn tables faster

Eliminate downtime. No need for guests to wait for the server to take orders or present the check. Give guests control and turn tables faster.

Elimination of Printed Menu Costs

When using tablets menu, you eliminate your menu costs. You do not have to replace damaged menus, print inserts for nightly specials or print new menus for each season.

Translations Have a large international guest base

Translation issues disappear when the customers are using the tablet menu apps. Customer can select their native language, and proceed to review all information in that custom language. For example, the guest can change the language setting to Spanish, and on the back-end, the request still comes through in English. This removes a language barrier and provides an easy communication tool with International customers.

An increase in Food Upsells

While waiters are trained to upsell, not all staff actually ask for the dessert, side or drink sell. When using a tablet, you can configure the tablet to automatically prompt customers for additional items based on their selections, making waiters’ jobs easier and helping the restaurant earn more money, as well.

Streamline your operations

Remove human error by managing orders in the Content Management System (CMS) or by routing directly to your POS system. Additionally, manage menus based on time, day or audience

Impulse orders

Tablets are like the Trojan Horse when the Greeks simply hid inside a wooden horse to trick it citizens of Troy as a parting gift to sneak through their enormous wall. Simply placing the device near customers is a powerful marketing tool that capitalizes on human nature’s immediate satisfaction. Experts say that tablet use can drive a 10% boosting sale.

It certainly does sound like we’re one step into the future. And the image you once had of that restaurant you used to go to isn’t something of the past, but something in the present. It grabs your attention and brings new life to the business. When you see a tablet, you have the urge to hold it and play with.

No More Paper Save trees. Go digital

Tablets also offer other entertainment alternatives, such as the consolidation of printed materials such as magazines, newspapers, and books. It’s a great way to have plenty of reading materials available to guests that can be quickly and immediately changed to keep offerings fresh

Transform your Guest Experience Today!